Sharing a beat of Mexico to the world

Our Beginning

On January 26, 2009, Mexico Azteca had its first dance rehearsal followed by its first live performance on May 16, 2009. Throughout the following years, Mexico Azteca has been presenting the  culture, heritage and beauty of Mexico through folkloric dance at many events.

We’ve been committed to building a place for students to feel inspired to learn about Mexican folkloric dance, one of the many sides to Mexican culture. Our dance style is a combination of ballet and folkloric technique that displays the beauty of Mexico while maintaining the essence of Mexico's heritage.

Our Mission 

and Vision

Mexico Azteca educates, preserves and inspires people to celebrate the heritage and beauty of Mexico through the folkloric arts.

Our Vision is to bring a beat of Mexico to the world.

Our mission and vision are founded on our love for Mexico, its heritage, culture, and arts, especially its folkloric arts. We hope to share our passion of these things and in doing so, inspire the world to explore the various wonders Mexico has to offer.

By telling the stories of Mexico's culture and traditions through dance we hope that others will also be inspired to look at their roots, culture, and heritage. These things are, after all, a part of our identities.






Our Values

We are working to instill in each of our members, including our youngest, our core values. We would like for all to remember to respect each other, to follow their passions, live their lives with discipline, to remain united with those they love and care about, and to always remember to have humility because there is always room for improvement.

We hope that these values will carry and aid our members throughout their lives. 

Our Founders

Armando Contreras


Mexican folklore has always been an essential part of my life. In 1989, I moved to Madison WI, where I was a teacher, choreographer and costume designer of Ballet Folklorico de los Hermanos Avila.


At the age 23, I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and eventually retired from dance, but this did not stop me from doing what I love. In October of 2009, I helped found Mexico Azteca with a group of dancers in the state of Minnesota. Over the years, I have continued give support in costume design and choreograph. 

My dream is that we continue to proudly represent and share the beauty of Mexican folklore to the world.

Mailing Address: 7948 Bloomington Ave S,                         Bloomington, MN 55425


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