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Folklorico III - Dance Class

Mondays - Wednesdays & Fridays

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Students from 18 yrs Plus.

This class will be a fast paced learning environment that will focus on developing performance, rhythm, and coordination skills in addition to body control.

The folkloric zapateo/faldeo (dance step forms/skirt movements) will range from basic to advanced level. There will be a high focus placed on technique improvement and cleanliness. With a solid base in these areas, the class will also move to incorporate stage presence. We will work to build and strengthen each dancer's potential and unique stage presence. In addition, choreography will also be highly emphasized.

One of our class goal will be to achieve a holistic improvement for not only footwork, but the body and mind as a whole in order to improve the performance level of students. Students will also cover repertoire for various regions of Mexico with the opportunity to perform on varied stages throughout the year.

This class is not only enjoyable, fun, and interactive, but also offers an excellent alternative to standard exercise. Students will not be disappointed with the cardio! The cardio in our class comes included with the fun of learning new repertoire and improving technique. It often does not come off heavy and tiring, rather the cardio is destressing and satisfying because of the fun that comes in tow. 


We also hope that our class offers students a higher appreciation for the arts as well as for Mexican culture and heritage. In addition, we hope that students find this class to be a means of seeing the beauty a culture can hold. 


 You will not be disappointed with all this class offers!

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